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I use rails applicaton at my local machine and it works fine. But I can't make it work at production server.

I use thin and nginx, as I know nginx doesnt support websockets. Sometimes I saw an error in logs: '[Faye::RackAdapter] input must be a string or IO". I read forums and disabled websockets in faye adding line "Faye.Transport.WebSocket.isUsable = function(_,c) { c(false) };" at the end of faye-browser.js.

I see this post requests in firebug:


and this:


Now faye actually works, but it take ~30-60 seconds to get request and update the page. Is there a way to reduce interval of checking?

My nginx conf:[Faye::RackAdapter] input must be a string or IO

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Problem solved. I had to install HAproxy and put it before nginx.

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