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I come across a funny problem. I don't know the what could be the reason. I tried to search on internet but no solutions I got. The problem is offsetWidth is working perfect in Chrome but offsetHeight is not working properly. Sometime it returns the value but sometime not. May I know is there any solution to sort out this issue.

Note: I have tried to use id.height, id.clientHeight. But all are giving me the same problem. In my projects we use Prototype and JQuery also.

I have used prototype getHeight() also.. but not working in Chrome. getWidth() is working perfect. But all these are working well in Firefox... :(

This is the code block

$('leftImage_<?php echo $iExtLoop; ?>').style.position="relative";
$('leftImage_<?php echo $iExtLoop; ?>').style.left= ($('leftImageDiv').offsetWidth - $('leftImage_<?php echo $iExtLoop; ?>').offsetWidth)/2 + "px";
$('leftImage_<?php echo $iExtLoop; ?>').style.top= ($('leftImageDiv').offsetHeight - $('leftImage_<?php echo $iExtLoop; ?>').offsetHeight)/2 + "px";

if($('stripLeft_<?php echo $iExtLoop; ?>')){
    $('stripLeft_<?php echo $iExtLoop; ?>').style.position="relative";
    $('stripLeft_<?php echo $iExtLoop; ?>').style.left= ($('leftImageDiv').offsetWidth - $('stripLeft_<?php echo $iExtLoop; ?>').offsetWidth) + "px";
    $('stripLeft_<?php echo $iExtLoop; ?>').style.top= ($('leftImageDiv').offsetHeight - $('stripLeft_<?php echo $iExtLoop; ?>').offsetHeight) + "px";                                      

Refactored code, added by Šime Vidas:

var img = $( 'leftImage_<?php echo $iExtLoop; ?>' );
var div = $( 'leftImageDiv' );
var strip = $( 'stripLeft_<?php echo $iExtLoop; ?>' );

img.style.position = "relative";
img.style.left = ( div.offsetWidth - img.offsetWidth ) / 2 + "px";
img.style.top = ( div.offsetHeight - img.offsetHeight ) / 2 + "px";

if ( strip ) {
    strip.style.position = "relative";
    strip.style.left = ( div.offsetWidth - strip.offsetWidth ) + "px";
    strip.style.top= ( div.offsetHeight - strip.offsetHeight ) + "px";
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Post some code. – Cristy May 28 '12 at 12:27
code block added... any ideas why it is?? – Faizul Hasan May 28 '12 at 12:32
What's the $? Prototype or jQuery? – Šime Vidas May 28 '12 at 12:34
That is prototype – Faizul Hasan May 28 '12 at 12:36
"Sometime it returns the value but sometime not." < Do you use some kind of "onload" event handler to run your JavaScript? – Oleg May 28 '12 at 12:46
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Since at least one of the elements appears to be an IMG element, I'm guessing that the element has not finished loading by the time that code is executed.

Images have to be retrieved separately (by the browser), so you have to make sure that you read their height only after they've finished loading.

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Sorry for confusing. onload is not working in the sense, the image width and height are correctly calculated. But its style is not getting set to that image. It means: strip.style.position = "relative"; strip.style.left = ( div.offsetWidth - strip.offsetWidth ) + "px"; strip.style.top= ( div.offsetHeight - strip.offsetHeight ) + "px"; this part of code block is not executed or something. But the image is not positioned to the required place – Faizul Hasan May 28 '12 at 13:19
@FaizulHasan Set a break-point on that line and see if it executes. If yes, see what values are assigned. – Šime Vidas May 28 '12 at 13:29

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