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In the first versions of Sf2 (first Beta's), there was an option, to declare your route separators, like

options: { segment_separators: ['/'] }

But now, it is out of use, and i'm searching the way, to make pretty routes, like:

pattern: /category+{cat}+page{page}
defaults: { _controller: MyPrettyBundle:Category:index }

And now i get this error:

No route found for "GET /category firstcategory page1" 404 Not Found - NotFoundHttpException 1 linked Exception: ResourceNotFoundException

As you can see, '+' is just cutted out of required route.

Any ideas how can i overcome this nasty error?

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For URL encoding the + character is used to encode spaces. The URL is decoded before it's parsed, so to use actual + characters in the URL you would have to encode them as %2B:


That's not pretty, so using + as separator is not a good idea.

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