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I have an upload field in my form.

I had this code in my form.php

<form id="photoform" name="photoform" method="post" onSubmit="return false" enctype="multipart/form-data">
                  <div id="upphotosection"></div>
                   <label>Upload photo</label>
                   <input name="uploadphoto" id="uploadphoto" type="file" />
                   <div class="innerformclear"></div>
                   <input id="hidden" value="" name="hidden" type="hidden" />
                   <input name="upphoto_submit" id="upphoto_submit" type="submit" value="Submit"/>
                    <div style="clear:both;">&nbsp;</div>
                   <div id="result_upphoto_submit"></div>

This is the code in formaction.php

header('content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8');
header("access-control-allow-origin: *");


    $err = '';
    $success = '';
    global $wpdb, $PasswordHash, $current_user, $user_ID;

    if($upphoto = $_FILES['uploadphoto']["name"] != '' ){
    $path = 'images/profilephotos/';    
    $upphoto = copyServiceImage($path,$_FILES['uploadphoto']) ;}

    $postid = 52;

############### Check Duplication
$sel_photo = "SELECT * FROM `pro_table` WHERE `post_id` = '".$postid."'";
$sel_res = mysql_query($sel_photo) ;
if(mysql_num_rows($sel_res) == 0){
$ins_photo = "Insert into pro_table (post_id,photo_photo,int_status) values ('$postid','$upphoto','0')";
$ins_res = mysql_query($ins_photo);
$upd_photo = "Update pro_table set photo_photo = '$upphoto' ,int_status='0' where  post_id = '$postid' ";
$upd_res = mysql_query($upd_photo);

echo $_GET['callback'] . '('.json_encode("success").')';

This is the code in java script file.

$(document).ready(function() {  
///////////// Submit action for upload photo        
    $("#upphoto_submit").click(function() {

        if(document.getElementById('uploadphoto').value == '' ){
            alert("Please upload Photo");
            return false;
        else {
            $('#result_upphoto_submit').html('<img src="" class="loader" align="absmiddle" />&nbsp;').fadeIn(); 
                var input_data = $('#photoform').serialize();
                type: "POST",
                url:  "",
                dataType: 'jsonp',
                data: input_data,
                success: function(msg){
                    if(msg == 'success') {
                        msg = '<p class="success_custom">Photo successfully added.</p>';
                    } else {

                        msg = ' Exists';
                        alert("Error in updation");


                return false;


If i browse an image and click submit it showed me the success message Photo successfully added. But there is no image in profile photos folder and there is no data stored in admin panel. I couldn't track the error. How do i correct that?

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is there an error in?


also i dont know how wordpress handle images but i miss the file movement:

if ($_FILES["uploadphoto"]["error"] != UPLOAD_ERR_OK) {
   $tmp_name = $_FILES["uploadphoto"]["tmp_name"];
   $name = $_FILES["pictures"]["name"];
   $path = "images/profilephotos/".$name;

or i suppose it is called here?

$upphoto = copyServiceImage($path,$_FILES['uploadphoto']) ;}
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