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Here I tried to insert a value in GLKVector2Add value but the error comes expected expression missing in this line.

GLKVector2 self.position = GLKVector2Add({-200.695, 271},{-803.695, 0});  //Error - Expected expression
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Try creating "GLKVector2" variables, setting them and then passing those as arguments in your call to "GLKVector2Add". It may be that the compiler simply doesn't know what to do with "{-200.695,271}" (a mix of float and integer numbers).

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thanks for your reply. – SampathKumar May 28 '12 at 13:59

You must add them using GLKVector2Make.

So, your code will be:

GLKVector2 position = GLKVector2Add(
                      GLKVector2Make(-200.695, 271), 
                      GLKVector2Make(-803.695, 0));
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