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I have a query through which I am selecting all Id form a table

SELECT emp_id FROM emp_table

Now I have to select all of those Emp name from another table In one query

SELECT emp_name FROM emp_detail WHERE emp_id='".THAT ID."'
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What's your question? – Widor May 28 '12 at 12:38
You need to ask a question. Also, what are the tables involved, what is their structure, how are they related to each other and what do you expect the result to look like? – Oded May 28 '12 at 12:39
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Use a join

Select d.emp_name from emp_table t join emp_detail d on t.emp_id = d.emp_id
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SELECT emp_name 
FROM emp_detail 
WHERE emp_id in (SELECT emp_id FROM emp_table)


SELECT d.emp_name 
FROM emp_detail d
inner join emp_table e on e.emp_id = d.emp_id
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SELECT dtl.emp_name --other columns
FROM emp_table emp
JOIN emp_detail dtl
  ON = dtl.emp_id
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SELECT d.emp_name, e.emp_id
FROM emp_detail d
inner join emp_table e on e.emp_id = d.emp_id and e.emp_id='".ParameterID."';


SELECT d.emp_name, e.emp_id
FROM emp_table e
inner join emp_detail d on e.emp_id = d.emp_id where e.emp_id='".ParameterID."';

You can remove ParameterID id part of query if you dont need.

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