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I have some questions about about lazy loading

When I have mapped my objects, I write .Not.LazyLoad() everywhere in my application and it works good. But I have some problems.
Example: I have a class User. It has properties Name and Comments. Mapping Comments in User:

HasMany(x => x.Comments).KeyColumn("UserId").Not.LazyLoad();

Which works good, but everywhere I load User, Comments get loaded with it, which is bad... Example of load User:

var user = session.Get<User>(1);

If the user has a lot of comments my application works bad...
The question is how do I enable LazyLoad if needed? Or how do I disable Lazy loading, if I don't write .Not.LazyLoad()?

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I found an answer of my question.
If don't write anywhere .Not.LazyLoad() and need to get Comments, you must to write this (get user with id=1):

var user = session.QueryOver<User>()
                  .Fetch(u => u.Comments)
                  .Where(u => u.Id == userId)

Or, what a you need.

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The reason is - if something is lazy loaded ... you'll need to eager fetch it when you want it. – aggietech Jan 23 '15 at 20:31

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