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We have a Mercurial repository with a standard of using Unix-style line endings.

If a user hasn't noticed EOL issues when committing a file - they may be 'helpfully' hidden by the diff tool - then it's a pain to fix down the line unless it's noticed immediately.

Is there a way to use "hg convert" (or similar) to re-create the repository with consistent line endings?

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There's no easy way to do it, but you could use hg transplant with the --filter option to reapply those changesets in a corrected form and then hg strip the wrong ones. It'll be enough of a hassle that you'll probably put a pretxnchangegroup hook on your centralish repo to prevent folks from pushing them in the future.

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Bother. Our centralish repository doesn't support pretxnchangegroup but that would have been my normal preventative solution. I like the idea of using transplant - I could pull all changesets into a parallel branch (via a line endings filter) then strip. Thanks. – Nick Pierpoint May 31 '12 at 9:17

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