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This is my situation:

I created a layer that find Vision-POIs and I integrated the iPhone Layar Player SDK into my iPhone app.

When I find a POI I get an icon "info" on the POI framed. Clicking on the icon I want to connect it to a view controller that i created to show the details for this POI.

How can i set the URI actions to link the icon to a view controller? In the documentation there are no examples that show this case.

Thanks for the answers

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I'm not familiar with the SDK and unfortunately the actions documentation is obviously outdated. However assuming the documentation is correct, you must be able to send the request to the wrapping application and intercept it at UIApplication openURL: and pass the URL parameters to your show-info method (see the answer for details).

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You can not connect directly your Layar with a ViewController. It´s impossible to join a POI in Layar with your ViewController. You can connect a POI with a Website, a video, a sound,... If you want to play with ViewControllers and Augmented Reality, I'd advise you to use Metaio SDK. It´s free with the watermark and you can do more than with Layar.

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