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I am trying to make a DCG in prolog so that I create a sentence based on some predicates. I have two pieces of information = properties of objects ("Charles is a man.") and relations between objects ("Charles is the father of William.")

The task is to create sentences like this


I can create a simple DCG which can generate sentences but how I can implement the relations so that the subject(charles, camilla, charles) correspond to the predicate part (is a man, is a woman)?

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Do you mean to ask how do you record the information that Charles is a male name and Camilla - a female name? –  Alexander Serebrenik May 28 '12 at 14:53
no really, more like when I have predicate man(charles) and father(charles,william) how to connect it with DCG. –  user1306283 May 28 '12 at 16:47

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You can combine DCG rules with Prolog predicates as follows

rpn --> [RPN], {rpn(RPN)}.   /* relative pronoun */

Example is taken from J.R. Fisher's tutorial

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zdanie --> person, " ", iss, " ", animal, ".".

 man --> "adam" or "john".
women --> "eve" or "travolta".
iss --> "is".
animal --> "dog" or "cat" or "bird".

sentence(Z) :-
   phrase(zdanie, [I|R]),
   code_type(I, to_lower(J)),
   atom_codes(Z, [0' , J|R]).

and so on.

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