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Actually I have two question related to storyboard,

  1. Whether I can reuse my xib file which I have created earlier in Storyboard as it is or I have to copy contains from xib to storyboard?If yes then how?
  2. Can I use both storyboard and xib in single project or if I am using storyboard I cannot use xib to create viewcontroller?

Thanks in advance!

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check this link. stackoverflow.com/questions/9411324/… –  Shazad May 28 '12 at 14:00

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Storyboard and nib files can be used in the same project without issue. You can instantiate a VC with nib name just as easily with a storyboard based VC as you can otherwise. The one piece of advice I would give you is if feasible, convert nibs over to storyboard just so the app is easier to manage later on. If you have a legacy app with several nibs, this might not be very time effective, but if you have only a small number (less than 5 I would say), I would make the time investment to have them all in a single storyboard.

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