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How do you determine if all hash keys have some value ?

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what does it mean "have some value"? if there is a key, there is a value. the value might be undef, but it's still a value. what do you want to check for? – user80168 Jul 3 '09 at 16:18
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From perldoc -f exists:

               print "Exists\n"    if exists $hash{$key};
               print "Defined\n"   if defined $hash{$key};
               print "True\n"      if $hash{$key};

               print "Exists\n"    if exists $array[$index];
               print "Defined\n"   if defined $array[$index];
               print "True\n"      if $array[$index];

A hash or array element can be true only if it's defined, and defined if it exists, but the reverse doesn't necessarily hold true.

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exists and delete on array elements have interesting and not always useful properties. If you really need those, you're best off using a hash. – ysth Jul 3 '09 at 16:29

Feed the result of keys into grep with defined

my @keys_with_values = grep { defined $hash{$_} } keys %hash;

Rereading your question, it seems like you are trying to find out if any of the values in your hash are undefined, in which case you could say something like

my @keys_without_values = grep { not defined $hash{$_} }, keys %hash;
if (@keys_without_values) {
    print "the following keys do not have a value: ",
        join(", ", @keys_without_values), "\n";
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If the key exists, it has a value (even if that value is undef) so:

my @keys_with_values = keys %some_hash;
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Your question is incomplete thus this code can be answer ;-)

my %hash = (
    a => 'any value',
    b => 'some value',
    c => 'other value',
    d => 'some value'
my @keys_with_some_value = grep $hash{$_} eq 'some value', keys %hash;

EDIT: I had reread question again and decided that answer can be:

sub all (&@) {
  my $pred = shift();
  $pred->() or return for @_;
  return 1;

my $all_keys_has_some_value = all {$_ eq 'some value'} values %hash;
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If all you want is to know if all values are defined, or any undefined this will do that:

sub all_defined{
  my( $hash ) = @_;
  for my $value ( values %$hash ){
    return '' unless defined $value; # false but defined
  return 1; #true
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Here's one more way, using each. TIMTOWDI

 while (my($key, $value) = each(%hash)) {
      say "$key has no value!" if ( not defined $value);
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