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I have a notes form with a richtext field in which I 'embed' inline images through Create > Picture. The images are displayed correctly, but no properties are getting displayed. For example, I set caption or title, nothing is shown on the Xpage when previewed. Are this properties supported in Xpages or there is some kind of way to display them?

Thank you!

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These properties are not supported. In genral: RichText doesn't map very well to HTML/MIME, so you will always run into limitations. You could check out Geniisoft's iFidelity which does enhanced rt-mime conversion. Unless you work on a conversion of a clasic app it is better to work with mime only instead of RT

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I'm trying to build a new app, but I'm learning as I go, that's why I ask maybe too many questions here :) Which BTW I appreciate all the answers you guys give me here... Anyways, how can I work with mime only? – gkidd May 29 '12 at 6:38
Asking questions is the way to learn, so go ahead. Suggest you make "How to store MIME only" a new question. The short answer: it is a property in the RT Field. There are other ways too. – stwissel May 29 '12 at 13:03

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