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I'm trying to write a greasemonkey script that will work on either Chrome and Firefox.. a script that will block XMLHttpRequest to a certain hard-coded url..
I am kind of new to this area and would appreciate some help. thanks.

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This almost impossible to do with Greasemonkey. It is the wrong tool for the job. Here's what to use, most effective first:

  1. Set your hardware firewall, or router, to block the URL.
  2. Set your software firewall to block the URL.
  3. Use Adblock to block the URL.
  4. Write a convoluted userscript that tries to block requests from one set of pages to a specific URL. Note that this potentially has to block inline src requests as well as AJAX, etc.
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it possible now using

@run-at document-start

but it need more improvement, check the example

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