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I would like to know why I get this error. (this is Display log of Eclipse debug)

     (double) 2.8
     (java.lang.Double) 0.17
     (double) 2.9699999999999998

I can not understand why I did not get simply 2.97!

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If you wanted 2.97, you should have used BigDecimal.

doubles are stored as fractions in binary, not decimal. So 3.75, for example, is just stored as 2^1 + 2^0 + 2^(-1) + 2^(-2).

2.8 and 0.17 cannot be represented exactly as binary fractions, so there's going to be some rounding error.

You may also find this article helpful.

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This is due to the precision of floating point types in java (float and double). If you need indefinite precision you should try using BigDecimal instead of double.

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Read up on Floating Point numbers.

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