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Currently making a global volunteer site, and the webpages will more or less have a lot of static content, such as the navigation page, header and footer.

What I was wondering if it were possible to somehow instruct nginx to store these static files to memcache. I've seen a variety of methods to add values to memcache (whether it involves PHP, python, or enchanced_memcached_module on nginx), but I cannot seem to find a way to use the memcached module (enhanced or the original one) to someone parse an entire file into memcache.

Alternatively, are there any other ways that would be a better idea? I am currently trying to avoid the idea of installing another cache, such as Varnish.



Just to make it clear, I currently use nginx 1.3.0 as my frontend ...

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You might want to look at:

Memcached nginx


Nginx memcached static files

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