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I have a series of strings add[0][types], add[0][name] etc (to make an array with PHP form $_POST).

I need to pull out the [0] and make it [1].

I have built a regex function based on some other replies, but it isn't changing the attribute, I'm not sure if my function syntax is correct:

newrow.find('input, select').each(function(){
  $(this).attr('name', function(i, val){return val.replace(
    /\\d+/, function(n){ return ++n; });
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I think your regex is slightly off. And you can shorten your code by removing the .each in favor of the overload of attr that takes a function (which you are already using, slightly differently):

newrow.find('input, select').attr('name', function(i, val) {
    return val.replace(/\d+/, function(n) {
        return ++n;


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+1, however the OP also uses the function as the second argument of attr, and the problem was mostly in incorrect regular expression. –  VisioN May 28 '12 at 15:04
@VisioN: Right (I'll clarify), but he/she isn't leveraging the fact that it can be used in place of .each –  Andrew Whitaker May 28 '12 at 15:06

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