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I have ghostscript and imagemagick installed in my C drive and i have my wamp server in D drive in which one file has code

<?php exec('convert "sd.pdf[0]" -colorspace RGB -geometry 200 "document.png"'); 

The file sd.pdf exists in the folder in which my program is.This program is giving no error but also its not making a image in that folder.Why? Additional Question:-Is using Imagemagick and ghostscript in php makes the program slower or faster?

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is convert in the path of your shell? does your webserver userID have write permissions in that directory? is ghostscript executable/reachable by the webserver ID? –  Marc B May 28 '12 at 15:26
the problem was only with double quotes –  user1432124 May 28 '12 at 15:27

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You need to remove or escape double quotes, it is not working correctly on Windows. Take a look at my execute() method for more: https://github.com/webarto/instagraph/blob/master/instagraph.php#L55

public function execute($command)
    # remove newlines and convert single quotes to double to prevent errors
    $command = str_replace(array("\n", "'"), array('', '"'), $command);
    # replace multiple spaces with one
    $command = preg_replace('#(\s){2,}#is', ' ', $command);
    # escape shell metacharacters
    $command = escapeshellcmd($command);
    # execute convert program

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Without any quotes, rgb(255, 255, 255) WITH SPACES will cause problems. Similarly the # in the hex values may cause problems if not quoted. Double quotes are required if on windows or if using a variable. Otherwise, single or double quotes are fine for IM. But if you are calling the IM command from PHP exec, then as you know, you need to be careful (or escape them).

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