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is there any way to share one LINQ query between two methods? I have quite long LINQ query that gets search results from database and I need to use this query to get results (some kind of list<>) -first method - and to get its count (int) - second method -. I don't want to copy this query in two separate methods and I can't return custom class object containing search results and records count (returned by this query). So what I want to do is to get LINQ query definition(or something like this?) but no the results set that I can use in other methods. Maybe there is another good way to do that. thanks for yout help ;)

the code look like this:

public ??? GetSearchResultsQuery(SearchRequest search_request)
    var queryGetSearchResults = ....
    return queryGetSearchResults;

public int GetSearchResultsCount(SearchRequest search_request)
    return GetSearchResultsQuery(search_request).Count();

public List<SearchResults> GetSearchResults(SearchRequest search_request)
return GetSearchResultsQuery(search_request).Skip(search_request.startRowIndex).Take(search_request.maximumRows).ToList(); 
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You would want to return IQueryable here –  dougajmcdonald May 28 '12 at 15:37
Just a note, Visual Studio gives IntelliSense on the type of var in most occasions when you hover the mouse over it. –  Adam Houldsworth May 28 '12 at 15:47

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public IQueryable<SearchedForType> GetSearchResultsQuery(SearchRequest search_request)
    var queryGetSearchResults = context.SearchedForTypes.Where(x => x == search_request.X);
    ... build up your search query ...
    return queryGetSearchResults;
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This is exactly what I needed. thanks! –  user1421984 May 28 '12 at 15:44

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