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I'm using the Jquery plugin, Rotate v2.2.

In IE7 I see the following error.

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'removeChild': object is null or undefined

        if (IE)
        return function()
            var width=this._img.width;
            var height=this._img.height;
            this._img.parentNode.removeChild(this._img); ***//Error Here***

            this._vimage = this.createVMLNode('image');
  "absolute"; // FIXES IE PROBLEM - its only rendered if its on absolute position!
   = "0px";
   = "0px";

            /* Group minifying a small 1px precision problem when rotating object */
            this._container =  this.createVMLNode('group');
            this._container.setAttribute('coordsize',width-1+','+(height-1)); // This -1, -1 trying to fix that ugly problem

  "relative"; // FIXES IE PROBLEM


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It is one of the documented issues of the plugin.

The only workaround suggested is the following:

Try replacing line ~132

 this._img.parentNode.removeChild(this._img);//replace this...

 jQuery(this._img).parent().find(this._img).remove();// with this
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