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I've tried to change the text to the link that appears on FB, when I press the LIKE button on my webpage. (Using meta)

But something weard is happening... My new description appears with commentfield, when I press the LIKE button on my webpage. But when the link appears on FB it's an OLD text, that I haven't used in a while - and it's no where in my HTML.

FB must remember this, somehow, and use it. I don't know how to reset this..

I can't post my code, because stackoverflow won't show it.... But I've used the open tag and the prefix=og. So there's nothing wrong with my meta. Besides... why does it remember an old text that doesn't exist anymore?

Can anyone help??

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2 Answers

The Debugger does work but you must close the browser clear chance or use a different browser before its effects will work.

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Put your link into the Debug tool: http://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug

This will reset the data and facebook will start to use the updated text.

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Thank you SO much for this ♥ –  user1334540 Jun 10 '12 at 13:57
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