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I've been looking at many regexp validations for phone numbers but I could not find one that allows only 10 digits and not to start with 0 or 1, obviously only numbers

I found this one


but is to allowing for what I need.

I am using this expression in javascript and I can use the max 10 digits there.

any ideas?

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10 digits, not starting with 0 or 1:


Quick explanation:

^       start of string
[2-9]   matches only digits 2 to 9 (thus excluding 0 and 1 as requested)
\d{9}   any 9 digits
$       end of string
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But hey, it's not 100 chars regex! :) +1 – gdoron May 28 '12 at 16:15
Yeah doesn't need to for such simple request ;) – m0skit0 May 28 '12 at 16:20

Here you see my solution with 10 digits. Important: They don't start with 0 or 1 !!!

Further explanation:

^       beginning of string
[2-9]   matches only digits 2 to 9 (NOT 0 and 1 as I mentioned above)
\d{9}   any 9 digits
$       end of string

I hope I could help you!

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If you have 3 input boxes for phone number and wanna test the first box, use the same regexp suggested by @m0skit0...

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