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We have created a site for a client using Django CMS and are approaching the launch date. There are a number of links to files on their old site. Doing a search of the cmsplugin_text table, I find 12 entries that contain the URL. There is no simple mapping to the new file download URL from the old download URL, so I need to find the pages these 12 entries appear on and tell our client so they can edit the page.

But the database is not easy to follow. So how do I go from the value of the cmsplugin_ptr_id column of the cmsplugin_text column to the URL of the page? I'm fairly sure that the cmsplugin_ptr_id is meant to line up with the id of the cms_cmsplugin table. That table also has parent_id, tree_id and placeholder_id, but I've kind of got lost at this point.

I'm happy to use either the database commands directly, or to use manage.py shell to do this.

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Should have tried a bit harder before answering.

The steps that worked were to look in cms_page_placeholder for lines with the placeholder_id and look up the corresponding page_id. I could then look up the page in the admin at http://mysite.com/en/admin/cms/page/page_id and that page has a "View on site link".

The SQL statement I used was:

SELECT cpp.page_id 
    FROM cmsplugin_text AS cpt 
    LEFT JOIN cms_cmsplugin AS ccp ON cpt.cmsplugin_ptr_id = ccp.id 
    LEFT JOIN cms_page_placeholders AS cpp ON ccp.placeholder_id = cpp.placeholder_id  
    WHERE cpt.body like '%userfiles%';

Where userfiles was part of the path to the files on the old site.

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