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For example: 50 rows per page

  • Page1: First fetch 50 rows. row 0 to row 49, and remove 15 rows by a filter. So I have only 35 rows, then I fetch another 50 rows. Row 50 to row 99, then I get 15 rows from these rows by the same filter to merge those 35 rows. Now I have 50 rows, but spent at lest 65 rows.
  • Page2: Start with >= row 65.
  • Page3: Start with >= row 115.
  • Page4: Start with >= row 165.

How do I get the start offset of page2 when getting the page4?

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Your question is very vague. Can you explain a bit more? – Shahbaz May 28 '12 at 16:31
Apply your filter before fetching data. – Luc M May 28 '12 at 17:07

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If you are fetching from a database, make the filter part of the query itself and let the database software do the counting for you. E.g.

SELECT * from myrows WHERE [condition] LIMIT 50 OFFSET 200

would give you the filtered records 200..249, i.e. contents of page #5.

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