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I need to launch an external activity (which isn't mine) for a split second, and then I have a service that launches my previous activity for the user to see.

This works great, but the problem is when the user then presses the back key, he gets to that external activity.

I have two different activity launches here, one for the external activity, and one for my activity to return to (in which I need to use FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK because I'm launching it from a service).


Nothing helps, I keep seeing the external activity after pressing back.

I've seen some similar questions here, but they all have the middle activity in their own app, so they can call finish on it, or set noHistory="true" in the manifest.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: Seems like the issue is that I re-launch my previous activity from a service, which means I need to give it FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK, from the documentation of Tasks and Back Stack:

FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK Start the activity in a new task. If a task is already running for the activity you are now starting, that task is brought to the foreground with its last state restored and the activity receives the new intent in onNewIntent(). This produces the same behavior as the "singleTask" launchMode value, discussed in the previous section.

And from the singleTask paragraph:

"singleTask" The system creates a new task and instantiates the activity at the root of the new task ... Note: Although the activity starts in a new task, the Back button still returns the user to the previous activity.

So I need a flag that overrides this behavior somehow...

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