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I try to go through a for each loop and increment value of variable to name my label with below code

<set i="0"/>
<div each="var x in Model">

<input name='field-${i}' value='${x.Id}'/>

<set i=i+1 />

but it did not increment the value of 'i' , how can I increment the value of i in above loop


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The best way to do this is to use the built in indexer that Spark creates in a for loop. The above could be written like this:

<div each="var item in Model">
   <input name='field-${itemIndex}' value='${item.Id}'/>

Even shorter than the original, and no need to track variables yourself. Also, no need to specifically use item, in your case it would be xIndex because x was your instance.

Hope that helps, Rob

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You did say this in your answer but I missed it (so thought I'd highlight): The index variable is named yourForEachVariableNameIndex. So it's only called itemIndex, if you named your loop variable index. – Richard Garside May 16 '15 at 11:19

With slight modification:

<var i="0"/>
<div each="var x in Model">
    <input name='field-${i}' value='${x.Id}'/>
    <set i="i+1" />

this should work.

The initial 'set' has been changed to 'var' and quotes were added around i+1.

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