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On my air application, I try to create a no resizable window.
But even if I add this option, window may be resizable.

Could you help me to solve that?


var wOptions:NativeWindowInitOptions = new NativeWindowInitOptions();
            wOptions.systemChrome = 'standard';
            wOptions.transparent = false;
            wOptions.type = 'utility';

            var wpBandeauCli:wBandeauCliniqueV=new wBandeauCliniqueV();
            wpBandeauCli.idPatient = _selectedPatient;

            wBandeau= new FlexNativeWindow(wpBandeauCli, wOptions);
            wBandeau.alwaysInFront = false;

            var pos:windowPlace = new windowPlace("prefDossierClini.up");
            wBandeau.x = pos.windowX;
            wBandeau.y = pos.windowY + pos.windowH;

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Did you try setting wOptions.resizable to false?… Based on your text, it sounds like you did; however that line is not in your code segment. When you create a NativeWindow, just pass the wOptions class in. I'm not sure what a FlexNativeWindow is since I can't find ASDocs on that. Is it your custom class, or is that an Adobe class? – JeffryHouser May 28 '12 at 17:20
I added wOptions.resizable=false; but the window is always resizable. Another idea? – Flex60460 May 29 '12 at 8:52
Yes, tell us what FlexNativeWindow is? Is Google Failing me or is this some custom class? – JeffryHouser May 29 '12 at 13:17

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