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I have this XML File from which I want to extract my message children fields

<message name="IOI" >
<field number="23" name="IOIID" type="STRING" required="Y" /> 
<field number="28" name="IOITransType" type="CHAR" required="Y" >
    <value enum="C" description="CANCEL" /> 
    <value enum="N" description="NEW" /> 
    <value enum="R" description="REPLACE" /> 
<field number="26" name="IOIRefID" type="STRING" required="N" /> 
<component name="SecAltIDGrp" required="N" > 
    <field number="454" name="NoSecurityAltID" type="NUMINGROUP" required="N" >
        <field number="455" name="SecurityAltID" type="STRING" required="N" /> 
        <field number="456" name="SecurityAltIDSource" type="STRING" required="N" /> 

so I used getElementsByTagName() but it gave me all children with their children, so how could I only get my message fields without my fields's fields ??

DOMNodeList* fieldsNodeList = MessageElement->getElementsByTagName(xmlStrVar);
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Xerces C++ provides partial XPath implementation. And here's an SO question with more details about it. With that said, depending on the version of Xerces C++ you're using, you should be able to run simple XPath expressions like /message/field.

Another option is to stay with the DOM API and just iterate through the child nodes using getChildNodes() available on the DOMNode looking for field elements.

Last but not the least, if you liked the XPath idea but your Xerces C++ version is not up to it, consider stepping out of your "comfort zone" and look at Xalan C++ or libxml2. Both should have full XPath 1.0 support.

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