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I have data on following variables.

CryptoStream searialNumber = encryptedSearialNumber;
Dictionary<string, object> x= userInput;
Dictionary<string, object> y= hardwareInfo;

I want to pass these as parameters to a WebMethod of an ASP.NET XML (asmx) web service. I know I can't pass these parameters without changing them to appropriate data types. Because they can't be serialized.

Can any one please suggest a standard way to pass these parameters to a web method?

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I am wondering why this question is only viewed at 33 times.I am sure at least 20 times i clicked the question to find Whether some one answered.is some thing wrong with my question?Any way i solved the issue with a different approach.

Changed the Cryptostream to bytes by passed it to a MemoryStremalso created custom serialize classes to replace the dictionaries and Passed those to web method.

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Your own clicks probably don't count for views. Or probably not more than once, anyway. –  Greg Hewgill May 30 '12 at 2:29

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