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How to create a parameter of type PSafeArray?

I take the following error from C# COM library:

  SafeArray with range 65262 transfered to the method that requires array with range 1

Delphi XE2 should call C# COM library procedure using Generated RIDL type-library with a parameter of type PSafeArray.

Delphi XE2 code:

  function GetObjects: PSafeArray;
    aObjects: Variant;
    aObjects := VarArrayCreate([0, 2], varVariant);
    aObjects[0] := ADOConnection.ConnectionObject;
    aObjects[1] := CashConnection;
    aObjects[2] := Self as IDispatch;
    Result := PSafeArray(TVarData(aObjects).VArray);

  ICompiler.Execute('MainNameSpace', 'MainClass', 'MainMethod', GetObjects);

C# COM library code:

void Execute(string Namespace, string ClassName, string MethodName, Object[] Objects);

void ICSCompiler.Execute(string Namespace, string ClassName, string MethodName, Object[] Objects)
  System.Type _type = cr.CompiledAssembly.GetType(Namespace + "." + ClassName);
  System.Object obj = Activator.CreateInstance(_type);
  System.Reflection.MethodInfo mi = obj.GetType().GetMethod(MethodName);
  mi.Invoke(obj, new Object[] { Objects });

Generated RIDL code:

HRESULT _stdcall Execute([in] BSTR Namespace, [in] BSTR ClassName, [in] BSTR MethodName, [in] SAFEARRAY(VARIANT) Objects);
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the first thing i can remember is SafeArrayCreate. have a look at 'mysteries of PSafeArray'

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This code works fine:

  function GetObjects: PSafeArray;
    aBounds: array [0..0] of TSafeArrayBound;
    aObjects: PSafeArray;
    aIndex: Integer;
    aConnectionObject: OleVariant;
    aCashConnection: OleVariant;
    aScript: OleVariant;
    aBounds[0].lLbound   := 0;
    aBounds[0].cElements := 3;
    aObjects := SafeArrayCreate(varVariant, 1, @aBounds);
    aIndex := 0;
    aConnectionObject := ADOConnection.ConnectionObject;
    OleCheck(SafeArrayPutElement(aObjects, aIndex, aConnectionObject));
    aIndex := 1;
    aCashConnection := CashConnection;
    OleCheck(SafeArrayPutElement(aObjects, aIndex, aCashConnection));
    aIndex := 2;
    aScript := Self as IDispatch;
    OleCheck(SafeArrayPutElement(aObjects, aIndex, aScript));
    Result := aObjects;
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