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I'm trying to load an iframe with the contents of a text area, atm I have this


<div id="con">
    <textarea id="som"></textarea>
<div id="ce"></div>

  As you can see I'm loading the info to a div that I for some reason just realized would not work because the user would easily be able to change the page if they enter HTML. that is what I want, but I need it to send it to a iframe instead. I Googled for a while but I couldn't find what I needed.
  I am wanting it to stay short and simple like I had for the div based one that resembles how I have it setup if its possible. I don't need you to put the whole code together for me (although it would be nice) you could just help point me in the right direction and I would be happy, thanks in advance.

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how you want to load an iframe with the contents of a textarea? is the user going to type the URL of a website? –  BernaMariano May 28 '12 at 19:28
no its a live html editor, it will load the html,I know for sure its possible with plain js but I want a way to get it done using jquery –  Cody May 28 '12 at 22:26

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