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I have a scenario where I have a @EJB, which is a bean that writes one excel sheet (it includes all of the boiler plate code related to writing excel). Up until now, I only needed to write one sheet.

Now, I need to write a collection of the same sheet that is passed on as a parameter by the user. This would involve looping through each collection item (eg financial account summary for each account in the parameter collection on each excel sheet).

The EJB framework seems limited in that sense since I cannot loop through an unknown number of accounts in the collection. How would I go about doing this in EJB world and is there a design pattern that handles this kind of architecture? So far I inject the @EJB ExcelBean, but now I need to loop through them. I could just make a POJO as opposed to a @Stateless and instantiate them in a a loop like anyone would do outside of the EJB framework but it seems like a hack more than anything else.



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I don't follow your statement that you cannot use a plain java for loop to execute your ejb and create each spreadsheet. Can you paste some pseudo code? –  David Blevins May 28 '12 at 19:52
Right now, we have one EJB named ExcelSheetBean, which encapsulates all the excel methods and the excel sheet code. Therefore, each time we need a sheet, we add an EJB variable to the ExcelReportBean (which contains all of the @EJB sheets). This time, we do not know how many sheets will be created since they depend on how many account numbers are passed in as input parameters, which is why I was referring to a loop. –  user899757 May 28 '12 at 22:08

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