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I have two separate apps A.exe and B.exe, which results into two independent top level windows. Both are C++ Apps and uses win32 gui framework on windows platform. I want to combine these to a new app C.exe such that it shows the two in separate tabs in a multi tab dialog.

Baiscaly how to set Dialog Dlg1 in C.exe as parent window to A.exe's(Top Level Window) or in other way how to load A.exe(Top level Window) as a child window in Dlg1 in C.exe

Is there any solution to it using win32 or MFC? Or it is not possible?

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If C.exe spawns A.exe and B.exe, it could pass its own HWND as a command-line parameter, then A.exe and B.exe can retreive that parameter and use that HWND as the parent window in calls to CreateWindow/Ex() or SetParent() whenever needed. Otherwise, C.exe will have to use FindWindow/Ex() or EnumWindows() to manually find the HWND handles of A.exe and B.exe and then call SetParent() on them.

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