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I'm trying to view my new action in my blogs controller, but I keep getting the following error message:

NameError in BlogsController#new
undefined local variable or method `authenticate_admin'

In my blogs controller, I want to restrict the new action to admins only (admins and users are two different models). I was able to get this to work in another model. If I'm not mistaken, helpers are open to all classes. I also tried to add the code from my admins helper to the blogs helper, but that didn't work.

Why can't my blogs controller use my authenticate_admin method?

Thanks for lookign :)

Here are relevant files:


class BlogsController < ApplicationController
before_filter :authenticate_admin, :only => [:new]

  def new
    @blog =
    @title = "New Article"


def authenticate_admin
  deny_admin_access unless admin_signed_in?

def deny_admin_access
  redirect_to admin_login_url, :notice => "Please sign in as admin to access this page."

def admin_signed_in?

def current_admin
   @current_admin ||= Admin.find(session[:admin_id]) if session[:admin_id]
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In this case Helpers are accessible in your Views not in Controllers.

Solution is to move your methods from admins_helper.rb to ApplicationController and set them as helper_methods. You will be able to access them in your Controllers and Views.


class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base

  # Helpers
  helper_method :authenticate_admin

  def authenticate_admin
    deny_admin_access unless admin_signed_in?


Read documentation about helper_method:

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Worked like a charm. I just had to add include AdminsHelper to my application_controller.rb. Thanks! – Huy May 28 '12 at 19:54
Yes, it is also solution - probably the simplest way. But if you will use your authenticate_admin everywhere, the best way is to inherit that method from superclass instead of including it in every class like a mixin. Take a look: – thesis May 28 '12 at 20:03

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