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I'm looking to format a simple integer i.e. 1 to print out 01:00 am. Reading the python string formatting made it even more confusing, right now what I have is "02" which will give me 01 but that's about it :(

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You can use string formatting to do this. You should use the str.format() method, which is the preferred method - the old method (using the modulo (%) operator) is outdated and recommended against for new code:

>>> hour = 1
>>> am_pm = "am"
>>> print('{:02d}:00 {}'.format(hour, am_pm))
01:00 am
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You could always use this format

print '%02d:00 %s' % (hour, am_pm)

where hour contains your integer value, and am_pm the appropriate string for am or pm.

There are other ways to format strings, e.g., using the str.format method, but this is simple and works:

>>> am_pm = 'am'
>>> hour = 10
>>> print '%02d:00 %s' % (hour, am_pm)
10:00 am

>>> hour = 3
>>> am_pm = 'pm'
>>> print '%02d:00 %s' % (hour, am_pm)
03:00 pm
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