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I want to attach images to email from products Spreecommerce. But following code doestn't work.


<% for item in @order.line_items %>

# I'm not sure this product.image containts images. And it doesn't work =(
<%= image_tag image.attachment.url(:product), :itemprop => "image" %>

<%=item.variant.sku %> <%=item.variant.product.name%>
<%= variant_options(item.variant) %>(<%=item.quantity%>) @ <%= number_to_currency item.price %>
<%= number_to_currency(item.price * item.quantity) %>
<% end %>
<%= number_to_currency @order.total %>

More understandable on the following picture.

Can you ask a solution to add image.products to confirmation email?

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ib3.keep4u.ru/b/2012/05/29/7f/… –  itsnikolay May 28 '12 at 23:02

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You need to do something like:

<%= image_tag "#{root_url}#{image.attachment.url(:product)}", :itemprop => "image" %>

You're getting a relative image path, not an absolute url.

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<%= link_to image_tag('http://mysite.com' + item.variant.images.first.attachment.url(:small)), item.variant.product %>

Add this line in item block and you'll get image in confirmation email.

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#{root_url} doesn't work without config host file. Thus i used absolute way. –  itsnikolay May 31 '12 at 12:58

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