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Dynamically adding an image to the page after load then user interaction and am having trouble firing a function after that image has completely loaded. I figured that using jQuery's .load() method would be fine.. but according my console and a bunch of documenting .log business it's never executed. See below.. thank you!

    .append('<img id="ad" src="img/ad.jpg" alt="Advertising Network" />')
        console.log('ad load complete');


To clarify, this is after both document and window load.

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In your code .load() is related to the body because of chaining.

Change the code to:

var img = $('<img id="ad" src="img/ad.jpg" alt="Advertising Network" />');
    console.log('ad load complete');


and it should work (

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The append function returns the containing element, not the one that was appended, so you are binding your function to the body's load and not to the img.

I suggest using appendTo, like so:

$('<img id="ad" src="img/ad.jpg" alt="Advertising Network" />')
    console.log('ad load complete');
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