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I am currently working on a simple game using Visual C# 2010 Express using the XNA Framework.

I am hoping to get some advice on how I should deploy this game "professionally". I know that there is a "ClickOnce" installer available, but I found it presented an unfamiliar interface to the user, and didn't offer the flexibility one would expect.

  • I know that the files required to run the game are more than the .exe itself. There are a bunch of .xnb files for example. Any advice on what is needed and the best way to organize it? Can anyone elaborate on why are these files are generated and what they mean/do?
  • Is there an installer utility people are familiar with and could recommend? I would like something that allows the user to specify the install directory, prompt for a desktop shortcut, etc.

I apologize in advance if there is information lacking, I will do my best to provide it if necessary.


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For a common interface for an installer, take a look at NSIS. I'm not adding an answer here, because that's all I have, I don't have an answer to any other part of the question. – Ed Marty May 28 '12 at 21:21
See this question (and accepted answer) over at How do I create an installer for my XNA demo? – George Duckett May 28 '12 at 21:30

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