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I am working on a pretty big project that involves sending data between clients. So, I am just researching on some new technologies out there. Anyways, thought I'd give Nodejs a try. I just have a question about socketio and redis.

When we are using the pub/sub functions in socketio, does every client connection create a new connection to redis? Or, does socketio use a max of create three connections (in total, regardless of the number of clients) to do the pub/sub stuff?

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From the source, it seems that each client connection has two associated subscriptions to Redis ( in the code), but that each server has only three connections to Redis (source).'message:' +, function (packet) {
  self.onClientMessage(, packet);
});'disconnect:' +, function (reason) {
  self.onClientDisconnect(, reason);

Redis should be able to handle a lot of connections as well as subscriptions, but benchmarking is recommended as always.

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Yeah, I was looking at the source code, I just couldn't figure out if the Redis 'Store' object gets created for each client, or whether it is reused. Any ways thank you. – States May 29 '12 at 12:13

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