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I am working on an app for a new address book. Is there code existing to make a button to import your contact (from existing address book) into my app? And add *67 to these new contacts if possible?

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You need to read up on how to import contacts from the address book.

ABAddressBook Class Reference

Here is an example

CFStringRef phone,phoneLabel;
ABMutableMultiValueRef phoneMulti = ABRecordCopyValue(person, kABPersonPhoneProperty);
NSMutableDictionary *myPhoneDict = [NSMutableDictionary dictionaryWithCapacity:ABMultiValueGetCount(phoneMulti)];
for (CFIndex i = 0; i < ABMultiValueGetCount(phoneMulti); i++) { 
    phoneLabel = ABAddressBookCopyLocalizedLabel(ABMultiValueCopyLabelAtIndex(phoneMulti, i));
    phone = ABMultiValueCopyValueAtIndex(phoneMulti, i); 
    [myPhoneDict setObject:(NSString*)phone forKey:(NSString*)phoneLabel];
if ( [myPhoneDict objectForKey:@"mobile"] != nil) {
    NSLog(@"Cell Phone: %@",[myPhoneDict objectForKey:@"mobile"]);

else if ( [myPhoneDict objectForKey:@"home"] != nil) {
    NSLog(@"Home Phone: %@",[myPhoneDict objectForKey:@"home"]);

else if ( [myPhoneDict objectForKey:@"work"] != nil) {
    NSLog@"Work Phone: %@",[myPhoneDict objectForKey:@"work"]);

You can then take whatever number you are looking for and prepend your *67 number to it, then save that new string.

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The URL is for the OS X classes; are they similar enough or even identical to the iOS variants? –  sarnold May 28 '12 at 23:00
Yes, they are identical. –  WrightsCS May 28 '12 at 23:39

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