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I need help with a python 3.2 if-else statement the code is:

if gam < 1:
    file = open("data1.dat","w")
    gam = gam2
elif gam == 1:
    file = open("data2.dat","w")
    gam = gam3
elif gam > 1:
    file = open("data3.dat","w")

when ran I receive a syntax error point to the colon after if gam < 1 if I remove the colon I receive a syntax error pointing at the word file.

edit: here is more of the code

for o in range (3):
    for i in range (0,len(x)):
        for j in range (0,len(y)):

    for i in range (0,len(x)):
        for j in range (0,len(y)):
            u[i][j] = (vinf*a[i][j]*b[i][j]*(4*math.pi*math.pow(3,2)+gamma*(math.pow(a[i][j],2)+math.pow(b[i][j],2))))/(2*math.pi*math.pow(math.pow(a[i][j],2)+math.pow(b[i][j],2),2))
            v[i][j] = (1/2)*vinf*((math.pow(b[i][j],2)*(4*math.pi*math.pow(3,2)+b[i][j]*(math.pow(a[i][j],2)+math.pow(b[i][j],2))))/(math.pi*math.pow(math.pow(a[i][j],2)+math.pow(b[i][j],2),2))-(2*math.pow(3,2))/(math.pow(a[i][j],2)+math.pow(b[i][j],2))+(gamma*math.log1p(math.sqrt(math.pow(a[i][j],2)+math.pow(b[i][j],2))/3))/math.pi+2)
            p[i][j] = 1-(math.pow(u[i][j],2)+math.pow(v[i][j],2))
            s[i][j] = (vinf*b[i][j])*(1-(math.pow(3,2)/(math.pow(a[i][j],2)+math.pow(b[i][j],2)))+(gamma/(2*math.pi))*math.log1p(math.sqrt(math.pow(a[i][j],2)+math.pow(b[i][j],2))/3)

    if gam < 1:
        file = open("data1.dat","w")
        gam = gam2
    elif gam == 1:
        file = open("data2.dat","w")
        gam = gam3
    elif gam > 1:
        file = open("data3.dat","w")

edit2: i seemed to be missing a parenthesis on the s line but i am now getting an error when closing the file

if gam < 1:
        file = open("data1.dat","w")
        gam = gam2
    elif gam == 1:
        file = open("data2.dat","w")
        gam = gam3
    elif gam > 1:
        file = open("data3.dat","w")
    file.write('title = "Driven Cavity"\r\n')
    file.write('variables = "x", "y", "u", "v", "p", "s"\r\n')
    file.write('ZONE T="All"\r\n')
    file.write(' I={}'.format(len(x)))
    file.write(' J={}'.format(len(x)))
    file.write(' K=1')
    file.write(' ZONETYPE=Ordered\r\n')
    file.write(' DATAPACKING=POINT\r\n')

    for i in range (0,len(x)):
        for j in range (0,len(y)):

never mind just another parenthesis. been a long day

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... this would suggest to me that the problem is in the line of code preceding if gam < 1:. – Hugh Bothwell May 28 '12 at 23:08
I can't get this to fail (assuming all the gam variables are defined). Can you post the error message? or more of the code that comes before? – Levon May 28 '12 at 23:08
Consider refactoring the code. I'm sure you can make it much shorter and have less repeated code. – ThiefMaster May 28 '12 at 23:08
paste the code present above the if condition. – Ashwini Chaudhary May 28 '12 at 23:09
SO is not for "please locate my syntax error". – Karl Knechtel May 29 '12 at 0:01

you missed a closing ) at the end of the line:

s[i][j] = (vinf*b[i][j])*(1-(math.pow(3,2)/(math.pow(a[i][j],2)+math.pow(b[i][j],2)))+(gamma/(2*math.pi))*math.log1p(math.sqrt(math.pow(a[i][j],2)+math.pow(b[i][j],2))/3))
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Cheers man, at 4:30pm my head was spinning just looking at the script. I need a beer now. – Ryan Ternier May 28 '12 at 23:30

This specific expression (math.pow(a[i][j],2) in the marathon expression just before the if statement looks as if it's missing the closing )


s[i][j] = (vinf*b[i][j])*(1-(math.pow(3,2)/(math.pow(a[i][j],2) + ...

should be

s[i][j] = (vinf*b[i][j])*(1-(math.pow(3,2)/(math.pow(a[i][j],2)) + ...

though it's hard to be certain given the length of the expression and possible grouping desired.

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To avoid mis-matched (), {}, [], '', "", etc, errors, use a code editor that indicates the opener when you use a closer, preferably with knowledge of the particular language. Idle's editor does this for Python, Notepad++ for several languages, and several other editors for various languages.

When you get a puzzling SyntaxError that seems wrong (at the location indicated) modify the code somehow and see if the indicator moves. In your original code, if you had put anything on the line before the if, such as '1==1', the ^ would have moved to that line instead. Then you would have known that the problem was before the if statement.

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Much better to write code that makes dependence on such tools less crucial. I've never seen such long lines with dense math, that just cries out for mistakes. PEP 8 never seemed that needed. – Levon May 29 '12 at 4:15

Not directly related to your question, but: your code seems to be doing an awful lot of unnecessary work. I've tried to streamline it a bit.

from math import log1p, sqrt, pi
NEWLINE = '\r\n'
header = NEWLINE.join([
    'title = "Driven Cavity"',
    'variables = "x", "y", "u", "v", "p", "s"',
    'ZONE T="All"',
    ' I={} J={} K=1 ZONETYPE=Ordered',

for o in range(3):
    if gam < 1:    fname = "data1.dat"
    elif gam == 1: fname = "data2.dat"
    else:          fname = "data3.dat"

    with open(fname, "w") as outf:
        outf.write(header.format(len(x), len(y)))

        for _x in x:
            for _y in y:
                _xsq = _x**2
                _ysq = _y**2
                sqsq = (_xsq + _ysq)**2
                chunk = gamma*log1p(sqrt(_xsq+_ysq)/3.)/pi

                u = 0.5*vinf*_x*_y*(36.*pi + gamma*(_xsq+_ysq))/(pi*sqsq)
                v = 0.5*vinf*(2. + _ysq*(36.*pi + _y*(_xsq+_ysq))/(pi*sqsq) - 18./(_xsq+_ysq) + chunk)
                p = 1. - (u**2 + v**2)
                s = vinf*_y*(1. - 9./(_xsq+_ysq) + 0.5*chunk)

                outf.write('{}\t{}\t{}\t{}\t{}\t{}{}'.format(_x, _y, u, v, p, s, NEWLINE))

Hope this helps.

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