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when i try to add to my website a FB Like Button with url+hash (example.com/#TEST) and i try to click the like button - it shares the link without the hash in the news feed (example.com).

when i try to setup the button with "%23" instand of "#" (example.com/%23TEST) - it counts each hash separately in the count box.

is there any way to put a like button with hash - and still count the url without the hash?


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When you are creating Facebook like buttons, Facebook uses cURL (correct me people) to acces your URL that has metadata. So if cURL sees different metadata, per URL, you will get different LIKE buttons.

But this doesn't happen; as on the server side, JavaScript (or any Behavior that can create a hash in URL) is ignored

The best possible way I think would be to create the Button dynamically using JavaScript and change the URL-to-like of each button to something friendly without hash.


// to

And then you would be needing server side help as well to redirect the user to where you want with the hash

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These hash tags are for client side actions not server side. You will not be able to use them in your Like Button.

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yup, for that very reason check the 2nd para of my answer which starts with "But". Also, the answer itself is about creating links w/o hash tags to be liked, and then redirecting them –  Om Shankar Jan 16 '13 at 5:50

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