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I have a C++ class that I would like to use in my Objective-C project. Without #including any C++ headers, when I rename my Obj-C files from ".m" to ".mm", and thus switch the compiler, the compiler produces a whole bunch of malloc errors:

double * pointValues = malloc(sizeof(double *)*numOfPts);

error: invalid conversion from 'void*' to 'double*'

Suddenly all lines with malloc become invalid. Do I have to typecast "malloc" when using the Obj-C++ compiler, or is this a manifestation of some other issue?

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In C++, there is no implicit conversion from void* to other pointer types, so you have to explicitly cast. Not only with the objective-C++ compiler.

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Thanks, I had no idea since I've been using the "new" and "delete" methods in C++ thus far. – user1183950 May 29 '12 at 16:17

C++ has strong typing. The direct conversion is not allowed in C++:

double * pointValues = (double*) malloc(sizeof(double *)*numOfPts);
//                        |
//                  explicit cast
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