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I have a logo name called Example.

I want the Exam to be blue and the le to be red.

I know you can use :first-letter but I need to change up to 4 characters. It's the only thing stopping me from making a pure CSS logo instead of using an image.

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It's easy on Webkit-based browsers, so if you're only targeting Chrome or Safari... :) – Ryan O'Hara May 28 '12 at 23:41
Just cut it into span segments and style separately. It is easy, portable, and doesn't require CSS5. – Amadan May 28 '12 at 23:43
@Amadan CSS5? Are you from the future? – Mathew MacLean May 15 '14 at 19:52
@MathewMacLean: LOL... Yes, yes I am. (Sorry, stupid typo, that...) Or maybe the past me thought you'd need CSS5 to have :first-n-characters(3) – Amadan May 16 '14 at 4:14
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<!doctype html>
h1 {
    font-size: 0;
h1:before {
    content: 'Examp';
    color: #0000ff;
    font-size: 32px;
h1:after {
    content: 'le';
    color: #ff0000;
    font-size: 32px;
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Thanks, I did the same thing but not with the font-size part. It was perfect until I realised I needed to link the title as well. – Kryptix May 29 '12 at 4:09
If you have a spare link to the index elsewhere you could possibly relocate it over the logotype. – reisio Jun 2 '12 at 19:18

You could split the single (what i assume is a span) into 3 separate spans.

<span class="blue logo">Exam</span><span class="logo">p</span><span class="red logo">le</span>

then your css could look something like this

.blue {
    color: blue;

.red {
    color: red;

.logo {
    font-size: 33px;
    font-family: Helvetica;
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Assuming you can modify the markup, you could just re-wrap the text:

<span class="branding-highlight">Exam</span>ple
.branding-highlight {color:red;}

CSS does not have mechanics for accessing n-th everything just yet. And if it will, it will take time for browsers to adopt it - the sample above would remain best supported.

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I don't want to modify the mark-up but I'm glad I now know there's no way to do what I want so I don't keep searching for the answer. Thanks for your time. – Kryptix May 28 '12 at 23:54

Hey i think you want to this as like

This is css Part

    font-size: 33px;
    font-family: Helvetica;
.logo > span{

This is HTML Part

<div class="logo">

and now check to live demo

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I know you have already accepted an answer, but I figured I would contribute this method using jQuery, as it may be useful to you or future readers of this question.


<span class="logo">Example</span>




$('.logo').each(function() {
        $(this).html().substr(0, $(this).html().length-3)
        + "<span style='color: red'>"
        + $(this).html().substr(-3)
        + "</span>");


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Check this page it is of similar answer :

Is it possible to apply CSS to half of a character?

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You can use this Method as O.V suggested!:
<div id="logo"><span style="color:red">Exam</span><span style="black">p</span><span style="blue">le</span></div>

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