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In Xcode (currently version 4.3.2), I have the DEBUG and NDEBUG macro definitions set for Debug and Release Builds, so I can selectively include debugging code with the ObjC preprocessor.

Problem: When I select Product --> Build For --> Archiving, neither DEBUG nor NDEBUG are defined. I have a similar problem with Product --> Build For --> Profiling.

Question: How do I properly set DEBUG and NDEBUG in xcode for the Archiving and Profiling builds, such that my conditional code inclusion (preprocessor) macros don't break?

My current workaround for Archiving a build before sending to the AppStore is to just temporarily delete the DEBUG code; but this is not a good practice, even though I'm protected by git's source-version-control-system.

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Try add your definitions into

"Preprocessor Macros Not Used in Precompiled Headers"


"Preprocessor Macros"
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Check the build settings to make sure that the macro is defined in BOTH Debug and Release mode.

For example:
- For Debug mode: NDEBUG=0 and DEBUG=1
- For Release mode: NDEBUG=1 and DEBUG=0

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This is bad, because both would be defined always. If you "#define DEBUG=0", "#if DEBUG" would return FALSE, but "#ifdef DEBUG" would always return TRUE, because it IS defined, no matter what value it has. – Roger Jun 27 '14 at 21:49

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