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I'm trying to get an image to fill up my canvas. Here is the code I'm trying:

var blueprint_background = new Image();
blueprint_background.src = 'images/blueprint_background.png'; 
var pattern = context.createPattern(blueprint_background, "repeat");

context.fillStyle = pattern;

The issue is that nothing shows up. I was able to do the the basic context.fillRect(..) example, but this is giving me troubles.


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You have to wait until the image loads, use the image's onload property to know when it loads.

var blueprint_background = new Image();
blueprint_background.src = 'images/blueprint_background.png'; 
blueprint_background.onload = function(){
    var pattern = context.createPattern(this, "repeat");
    context.fillStyle = pattern;
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I'm seeing mismatched parenthesis? I'm not too familiar with javascript. EDIT - tried removing the ')' to fix the syntax error but the image still didn't load – JDS May 29 '12 at 0:18
Oi, I fixed it by adding (just before context.fill()): context.rect(x,y,width,height); Then it did exactly what I wanted. – JDS May 29 '12 at 0:25

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