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I'm dual booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 Linux. Can I just copy my existing Android SDK platforms from my windows partition to the linux partition? Or are the platforms different? I don't want to waste time redownloading all the packages again.

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Android SDK is platform-dependent. Check this:

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Android SDK is platform-dependent. That is right.

But if you want to spare some space, you can share several folders between the two OS. You can link Windows folders in Linux using something like ln -s /media/Windows/sdk/XXX ./XXX for the following independent platform folders :

  • extras
  • platforms
  • samples
  • sources
  • system-images

Then launch the Android SDK on Linux ./tools/android and check if the packages are available or if some are broken.

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well,There are some difference and some simliarity,the folder platforms,platforms-tools,samples,sources can be shared and they are the largest files

you can link these four folders to linux`s sdk folder

ln -s /mnt/path/to/your/windows/sdk/* /home/youname/yourAndroidBundle/sdk/
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although i have setup a virtual machine to do android developement but metch is right. it worked for me.

i used bash script with following code to do the symbolic linking

ln -s /home/user/software/sdk/extras /home/user/work/sdk/
ln -s /home/user/software/sdk/platforms /home/user/work/sdk/
ln -s /home/user/software/sdk/samples /home/user/work/sdk/
ln -s /home/user/software/sdk/sources /home/user/work/sdk/
ln -s /home/user/software/sdk/system-images /home/user/work/sdk/
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