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I have a job website, so there are number of cv's uploaded to the server and stored in a folder location which is public. i am just wondering what the security measures i can do in the Apache, php level to stop unauthorised people accessing other peoples cv's

i have

  1. disabled directory browsing
  2. created false links in html which then maps in .htaccess to a another location


just wondering is there a way we can completely hide the file name appear in the browser url (may be with a header like application/pdf ..etc and read the content of the file on the fly) is this possible or is there a better way like store them in the MySQL DB ?

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Don't put the uploaded files inside your www root folder. – infgeoax May 29 '12 at 3:26
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Store the files outside of the document root (so your server won't by default map a URL to it) and use a script that confirms an authenticated user and then streams the resume's contents to that user only.

For example...



include 'app.php';

$userAuthenticated = (new Auth)->check($_SESSION['username']);

$file = isset($_GET['file']) ? 
        $_GET['file'] :

$file = FILES_PATH . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . preg_replace('/[^\w.]/', '', $file);

if ($userAuthenticated AND file_exists($file)) {
} else {
    header('HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden');
    echo 'You\'re not authenticated!';

This code should give you the general idea.

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Never allow user-uploaded files in the docroot. This is very insecure, as you are hosting content provided by others.

Never allow user-uploaded files to be stored with names provided by the user. Imagine if someone uploads somescript.php, and you name it as such and keep it within your docroot. It can be executed by anyone.

Store files outside of the docroot, keep the details of the files (original name, mime type, etc.) in a database, and access them with a script, using readfile() or similar. Only allow access to these files to those who are supposed to have access.

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You can use .htaccess rewrite.

In php use headers and readfile() function, change and store the file id in a mysql db, and then make sure to deny from all in .htaccess for the upload directory.

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If you have MANY, MANY CVs to process (like several thousand) then putting them in a SQL database is probably good sense.

Otherwise you can simply store them in a location outside of your apache document root that is writable by your http daemon and use php to grab the file data when requested.

Either way you'll have to set up some sort of authentication system but I think that you already have that in place.

If you go the route with uploading the files outside of document root, then you'll need to do something to ensure that you won't have filesystem name conflicts (two people name their file "resume.doc" and then all of the sudden one of them loses their data and has access to the other's instead). Generally, you'll want to name them with a GUID or segregate the users into folders.

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