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I wrote the code for LU factorization , for partial pivoting and also for full pivoting . Now , I want to find the "real" solution of the equation A*x = b . The real solution is without using pivoting (partial/full) , and no LU factorization .

How can I do this in matlab ? I guess it should be a single saved word , but not linsolve ,since it uses LU factorization with partial pivoting when A is square and QR factorization with column pivoting otherwise .


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Is A invertible?

If so, then

x= A\b; %This is preferred to x=inv(A)*B;

should do the trick. If A is singular you can use the svd() command to find its pseudo-inverse.

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Why use svd to find a pseudo-inverse, when pinv is there for your use already? Don't reinvent the wheel. –  user85109 May 29 '12 at 11:01

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