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I have a problem with eager loading childrens in EF 4.1 Model-First.

I have 2 entities, Person and Job. An association OneToMany from Person to Job and an association OneToMany from Job to Person. (This is just an example)

When I do:

dbContext.Person.Include(i => i.Job)

I get a Person 'p' entity which has a link with a Job 'j' on the first association, and on the second association 'j' has a link with 'p', and so on..

There I have a 'infinit' cycle.

I want to tell EF for example:

dbContext.Person.Include(i => i.Job.NotInclude(j => j.Person))

I hope I have explained myself well.


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You have to sort out the associations. OneToMany from Person to Job and OneToMany from Job to Person is contradictory. So is OneToMany from Person to Job and Person.Include(i => i.Job). I think you need many-to-many using a junction table. Or you should bring the example closer to your real model. –  Gert Arnold May 29 '12 at 7:15

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